Important exam oriented question of Digital Logic.

Binary systems 1. Differentiate between Analog and Digital system. What are the advantages of digital system. 2. What is digital computer?   Explain working principle of digital computer with block diagram. 3. What do you mean by the Gray code? What are its application? 4. What is decimal code? Differentiate between BCD and excess-3 code. 5.  Explain the error detection code with example. 6. Convert the following decimal numbers to the indicated bases. (a) 7562.45 to octal (b) 1938.257 to hexadecimal (c) 175.175 to binary 7.Convert the following hexadecimal number to decimal and octal numbers (a)  0 FFF (b)  3 FFF 8.Subtract (1010100 - 1000100) using 1’s complement. 9.Using 2’s complement, subtract (1000100-1010100). Boolean Algebra and Logic Gates 1. State and prove commutative laws, associative laws and distributive law using logic gate and truth table. 2. What do you mean by Universal gate?   Show that both NAND gate and NOR gate are universal gates. 3.  State and

Tips for your exam

Preparing for an exam can be stressful at times when we have a lot to study but restricted period of time. Listed below are some study tips that will help you in preparing for examination: 1. Read entirely and make brief notes: Making brief notes while studying increases the recall capacity for our brain to remember what we have already studied. 2. Review and Practice Old Exam Papers: Reviewing and practicing old exam papers is one of the most effective ways to learn how to prepare for exam. It helps you to familiarize yourself with the format and structure of the question paper. 3. Make use of diagrams and flowcharts: Visual aids can be especially helpful when revising study material. At the start of topic, write down everything you already know about a particular topic. Closer to the exam, transform your revision notes in a diagram.   Having your thoughts recorded in this format will enable you to easily remember everything you need to know while giving the exam. 4. Start you

Important exam oriented questions of Web Technology

  Introduction 1. What is internet? How is it different from intranet? Explain with suitable example. 2.  What is WWW? Differentiate between web client and web   server. 3.   What is client/server technology? Discuss Internet as a client/server   technology. 4.  Write short notes on various services offered by the   Internet. 5.  Describe client server architecture with its types (2-tier, 3-tier and n-tier). 6.  What is HTTP? Discuss its function in  brief.  State the difference between  HTTP Request and Response. 7. What is Client Side Scripting? Compare it with Server Side Scripting. HTML 1.  Explain the structure of HTML file with example. 2. What is HTML? Differentiate between "get" and "post" methods used to send form data. 3.   How can you draw a table in HTML?    What are the tags and attributes for a table in HTML   document?  Discuss with suitable   example. 4.  Write an HTML code to display the   following: 5. What is HTML event? Explain any  four events w